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Executive Principal’s Blog – 20.9.19: ‘The Power of Teamwork and Collaboration.’




Executive Principal’s Blog:

20th September 2019



Bushey Meads News

Executive Principal’s Blog – 20.9.19: ‘The Power of Teamwork and Collaboration.’

I would like to thank all students, staff, parents and carers and Governors for their involvement and support for yesterday’s hugely successful Year 6 Open Evening. All of us were working together to showcase the very best of what we do each and every day with the young people in our care. We know we have a great school here at BMS and, judging by the significant increase in visitors this year, very much a real school of choice in the local area.

We all know that we are a school that puts children first, enables all of them to achieve their true potential, developing their all-important character and taking great care of them along the seven year journey through to our vibrant Sixth Form and beyond. So many parents and carers who visited us yesterday spoke so highly of the positive culture and atmosphere across the school and the very positive interactions they had with all students and staff; a huge thank you goes to all our wonderful student ambassadors.

Head Boy Ben and Year 7 student Prisha delivered two excellent speeches to packed audiences in the Main Hall and Sixth Form Music A level student Sam Carrington played superbly, providing an inspirational start to the presentations given. Over the next few weeks we will be welcoming many hundreds more visitors for our Open Mornings and tours of the school – a great way to see the school in action on a typical day.

Inspirational American poet, author, peacemaker and philosopher Matthew Stepanek (who tragically died at the extremely young age of 13) once said “When there is teamwork and collaboration wonderful things can be achieved.” Bushey Meads School is without doubt a great place to work and learn so, as usual, don’t forget to click on the link to read about more about this week’s BMS News……..

Jeremy Turner
Executive Principal