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Executive Principal’s Blog – 21.1.22 ‘Superb Practice at Bushey Meads’


Executive Principal’s Blog:

21st January 2022

Bushey Meads News

Executive Principal’s Blog – 21.1.22 ‘Superb Practice at Bushey Meads’

Great schools are built on the practice of great teachers and we are so privileged to have so many superb teachers and learning assistants at Bushey Meads who are constantly honing their pedagogy and practice and who are so willing to share their best practice with others.

Many of you will know of our regular Monday Magic Moments and Friday Faculty Foci (short soundbites of exemplary practice shared with all staff twice a week at our Staff Briefing meetings in the morning) and will be aware of our high-quality training opportunities on INSET days and morning and afternoon Development Sessions, overseen by our excellent Teaching and Learning Team. These moments in time continue to make for a real learning organisation and one that is constantly improving and keeping up with the latest teaching and learning developments to secure outstanding progress for all.

Just this week I have observed four excellent practitioners in action and have been so encouraged to see such superb practice in classrooms across the school which has included:

  • exemplary marking in books throughout the year, demonstrating students were making rapid and sustained progress over time
  • systematic checking of students’ understanding and provision of timely support and advice to improve students’ work and enable high achievement
  • really high expectations for students who were clearly enjoying their lesson and the challenge of learning
  • great questioning that made the students think throughout the lesson and learning that was scaffolded effectively with class and home learning interweaved to ensure great progress over time

We love to recognise success in others and also awarded three Modelling Embedding Greatness (MEGA) Awards this morning to one of our top CDCs and her Learning Assistant for ensuring an exemplary start to the day in Friday CDC time with all students listening, following with their bookmarks and staff modelling great reading; fully supporting the reading and wider literacy agenda and also to our fantastic Cleaning Supervisor Henry Kusi for being such a diligent worker who is always very positive in his work and effective in his leadership of the cleaning team.

With best wishes for a lovely weekend. As always do click on the link to read this week’s BMS News.

Jeremy Turner
Executive Principal