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Executive Principal’s Blog – 23rd March 2018: ‘Bushey Meads School is officially the 5th most popular school in the county!’

Parents and carers may be aware of the Hertfordshire based website School Guru, frequently used by parents at secondary transfer time to assess their chances of securing places within schools in Hertfordshire for their children.

A well-used section of the website is named ‘The most-wanted secondary schools in 2018’ and the text is headed by the following paragraph:

These are Hertfordshire’s hottest secondary schools, attracting more applicants than any others in the county in 2018.

Secondary schools are then listed by the number of applicants per place in the school and we are delighted to see that, out of 80 secondary schools across the county, Bushey Meads School is ranked 5th with over 5.3 applications per available space. The trends of increasing applications are also indicated and next to Bushey Meads is a big arrow up!

As a school it is great to see that we are becoming more and more popular – particularly over recent years, and it is an indication of the great work that all staff, students, parents and Governors and Trustees are doing to ensure that the standard of education here at BMS is as high as it possibly can be.

Despite the recognition of our increasing popularity, I can assure you that we are certainly not complacent and will continue to work hard to further improve in all areas.

In the meantime I would like to thank you all for your continued support and encouragement – epitomised by some superb events that have taken place this week including two stunning Dance Showcase Evenings on Wednesday and Thursday and a lovely email I received on Wednesday afternoon, following this week’s Year 8 parents evening.

“Firstly I just want to thank you and all your staff for their hard work and dedication. It was wonderful to see such a busy parents evening with so many attending and lovely to hear of the fantastic relationships that my son has built up with many of the staff and how he’s developing and progressing, both academically and personally. I’m very grateful for the wonderful work at Bushey Meads”

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Jeremy Turner
Executive Principal