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Executive Principal’s Blog – 25.9.20: ‘Exemplary Covid-19 Practice recognised at BMS’




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25th September 2020



Bushey Meads News

Executive Principal’s Blog – 25.9.20: ‘Exemplary Covid-19 Practice recognised at BMS’

I would like to thank all the parents who have continued to show their genuine appreciation to the hard-working staff at Bushey Meads School for all they are doing to keep our children safe and a continued focus on learning. At this time of year, with the usual coughs and colds affecting staff, their own children and the students, absence has been one of challenges we have had to cope with. The article in this week’s newsletter explaining how our new Learning Hub is supporting students with their work at this time makes for a positive read, as does this email which has been one of many sent through to the school:

Dear Mrs Ash,
I understand that the school are struggling with a number of teachers off at the moment. I very much appreciate how hard you are all working and know that you and the other senior leaders at the school are teaching many classes to fill the gaps, in order to keep the school running and open. It really is very much appreciated by myself and many others.
Warm regards,
Parent of Year 12 Student

Despite the explanation in last week’s Executive Principal’ Blog, a small minority of parents and carers are still emailing the school expecting a personalised response. This will not be possible but all the answers to the questions raised are provided in the FAQs being updated each and every week: Covid-19 Frequently Asked Questions

Public Health England have also provided clear guidance to parents about how and when to access tests for children which will avoid putting unnecessary pressure on the testing system; please read the letter available via:  Letter from PHE to Parents and Carers

For a very helpful parent ‘COVID-19 Related Student Absence Guide’ please also refer to: Covid-19 Related Student Absence Guide

Following the hugely encouraging visit to our school by Michaelene Holder-March, Senior Infection Protection Control Nurse working within Public Health and her detailed report which was submitted to the Health and Safety Management Team at Hertfordshire County Council, we received a superb letter of endorsement from Jim McManus, Director of Public Health in Hertfordshire. It reflects all the outstanding work that so many staff at Bushey Meads have done to ensure our school is safe in these times. Letter to BMS from HCC Director of Public Health

I wish you all a very happy weekend; as always do click on the usual link to read our latest BMS News.

Jeremy Turner
Executive Principal