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Executive Principal’s Blog – 26.2.21: “The Next Stage”




Executive Principal’s Blog:

26th February 2021



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Executive Principal’s Blog – 26.2.21: “The Next Stage”

Following the latest Government announcement made last Monday 22nd February we are now busy planning the full school re-opening from Monday 8th March. The key principles underpinning the re-opening plan include:

a)    Continuing to provide face to face teaching for all children of keyworkers unable to stay at home and all vulnerable children.
b)    A phased welcome back to different year groups starting from Monday 8th March.
c)    Within year groups, a phased return by CDC groups so that a rapid Lateral Flow Test can be provided for all students on entry to the school before accessing lessons.
d)    Continued streaming of Live Lessons for other year groups still working from home.
e)    Testing on site for all students who have given consent on three occasions during the first fortnight (3 – 5 days apart).
f)    Provision of Home Testing Kits for all students to be used twice weekly, after their initial 3 tests on the school site, to be:

  •  tested by an adult for 11-year olds
  •  self-administered for 12 – 17-year olds with reporting of results under adult supervision
  •  self-administered for 18-year olds with self-reporting of results (with assistance where needed)

g)    The recommended wearing of face masks in all indoor areas until Easter where physical distancing cannot be maintained (including classrooms), unless in a PE lesson or exempt.

As parents and carers, I would strongly encourage you to provide consent for your child to take a rapid Lateral Flow Test once they arrive back in school. We have an outstanding LFT set up at Bushey Meads and tribute must be paid to our dedicated team of Healthcare Assistants and our LFT Manager Lucy Jackman who has masterminded the whole project. Over 1000 tests have been administered this term alone and staff and students feel much safer now that we can more effectively ensure that less asymptomatic cases are on the school site.

Testing is voluntary; however, we would encourage all students to participate in the asymptomatic testing programme to help break transmission links by identifying those who may be carrying the virus unknowingly. Please do click on this link to read more information about the testing being offered and to provide your consent. Even if you have previously tested positive for Covid-19 you should still sign up for the testing programme. Please complete the form by Monday 1st March.

Thank you in advance for your support with all our efforts to keep the school safe. If you want to read our latest Covid-19 Risk Assessment and our updated FAQs please do click on the links below:

Whole School Covid-19 Risk Assessment v24

FAQs updated 26.2.21

As usual please do click on the link to read our latest BMS News and see all the positive things that have taken place this week.

With very best wishes,

Jeremy Turner
Executive Principal