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Executive Principal’s Blog – 27 January 2017

This week our Theme of the Week has been ‘Progress’ and Assistant Headteacher Mrs Ash has led some very thought provoking assemblies. She reminded us that it is the small steps we take each and every day that ensure progress is made; having the end goal in mind is important, but even more important is to celebrate the journey.

As parents and carers do talk to your children about their learning journey. Remind them to use the power of their purple pen to respond every time a teacher, a peer, or they themselves reflect on their work and provide feedback. Do also check their work for presentation – titles underlined, diagrams neatly drawn and coloured in, key words highlighted for example.

All these small factors contribute to our school making huge progress and being a school that ensures that all our students are achieving above expectation. This was recognised in the Department for Education’s performance tables published this week, so do read the article in this week’s BMS Newsletter.

The key facts are that, out of 3000 schools in the country, Bushey Meads School is……

  1. just below the top 30% of schools for adding value at Key Stage 4.
  2. in the top 12% of schools for adding value for A level courses at Key Stage 5.
  3. in the top 4% of schools for adding value for vocational courses at Key Stage 5.

This is something to be immensely proud of and I would like to congratulate all our students, staff, parents and carers, and Governors and Trustees. We have a fabulous learning community here at BMS and one that is making exceptional progress.

With best wishes for a good weekend and don’t forget to click on the link to read about the rest of this week’s BMS News……..

Jeremy Turner
Executive Principal