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Executive Principal’s Blog – 29.1.21: “Being There When Needed Most”




Executive Principal’s Blog:

29th January 2021



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Executive Principal’s Blog – 29.1.21: “Being There When Needed Most”

The harsh reality of the global pandemic that we find ourselves a part of, is that there is probably not a single family connected with Bushey Meads School that hasn’t been affected. Surrounded by ever increasing statistics, our hearts go out to all those who have suffered physically and perhaps even experienced the ultimate pain and loss. Our thoughts and prayers are with them at this sad time.

For many decades Bushey Meads School has been synonymous with that friendly and highly inclusive ethos, reaching out to students of all cultures, backgrounds and academic abilities. As a school we will always be a community that stands alongside the vulnerable and nothing changes now. We are carefully balancing the risks, taking every measure possible to minimise the impact of the virus, but also making sure that the students who need us the most are able to access the support they need.

With 90% of our students working hard from home, I would like to commend and thank all parents and carers for the part they have played, supporting their children with the challenges of online learning. From your positive feedback the step-up to live lessons has been extremely helpful.

Equally I would like to thank all staff for welcoming the 10% of our student population back into school. A steadily growing number every day have been equally positive about their experience of face to face lessons, receiving that in person support from teachers and Associate Staff alike and enjoying those extremely positive interaction with their peers.

We continue to take the initiative to be kind and patient in all circumstances, simply trying do our best in these immensely challenging times; a sentiment articulated in all the inspiring House Assemblies sent to students this week. A few highlights of the Sycamore House Assembly were the soundbites of wisdom provided by key staff across the school pictured here.

Please click on these links to see the latest updated Covid-19 Whole School Risk Assessment and FAQs; in particular, do note the amended definitions of Close Contact:

C-19 Whole School Risk Assessment       Updated FAQs

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With very best wishes,

Jeremy Turner
Executive Principal