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Executive Principal’s Blog – 4.12.20: ‘The Wonders of Technology?’




Executive Principal’s Blog:

4th December 2020



Bushey Meads News

Executive Principal’s Blog – 4.12.20: ‘The Wonders of Technology?’

Without wanting to get at all political about the situation, a number of school leaders are certainly debating the tension created by the government’s mandate to fully open schools and yet also strongly encourage all of us to download the NHS Track and Trace App.

We have certainly experienced some anomalies with staff being instructed to self-isolate when they are adamant they have not been in close contact with others, either in or out of school and even some staff being notified of test results on the App when they haven’t even requested or taken a test!

A number of schools have insisted that students turn off their mobile phones and staff disable their apps when on the school site to avoid any inaccurate Bluetooth contact with a phone in a bag, through a stud partition wall or through momentary passing movement on a corridor. As a school we haven’t gone down this route but, with a number of staff ‘pinged’ by the App on their phone, it has inevitably caused pressure on the system as we try and maintain a fully operational school.

Coronavirus continues to dominate our lives and a number of students have unfortunately tested positive this week and as a consequence further groups of students are having to self-isolate at home – some of them for the second or even third time this term. Of those who have tested positive for the virus 37% have not developed any symptoms at all and were only tested due to close friends or family members testing positive.

I would like to thank the vast majority of parents and carers who have continued to be extremely understanding of the school and embraced the need to simply support what we are all trying to do. I would encourage all parents to avoid blaming others when actually we are all in this together and the virus is unfortunately all around us – in and out of school.

At the termly Trust Board meeting last night Chair of the Trust Sam Russell and all the Members and Trustees who sit on the Board of our Multi Academy Trust wanted to thank all staff at Bushey Meads for their incredible efforts to keep the school running as normally as possible during these unprecedented times. They are extremely grateful for the way that all the staff have stepped up to cover classes, go the extra mile to support students self-isolating and cope with the inevitable, increased work load that has existed throughout this term.

As always, a huge thank you also goes to all the parents and carers for their continued support during this time; we do hope you remain safe and well.

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Jeremy Turner
Executive Principal