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Executive Principal’s Blog – 16th May 2018: What motivates you?

Motivation was the Theme of the Week last week and, with its Latin root of ‘movere’ meaning literally ‘to move,’ we have been considering the elements involved in moving to the next level; an intrinsic drive, having clear goals and maintaining persistent effort over time are certainly important keys to real success.

Lots of encouragement, having supportive people around you and looking to the exciting opportunities ahead are all factors in keeping motivation high and I would like to thank all our parents and carers for playing their part in the onward journey of our BMS students’ lives.

With GCSE and A Level examinations now in full swing, motivation is key. Keep attending the crucially important Study Saturdays, make the most of every lesson and additional revision session and remember to thank the hard working teachers and teaching assistants at BMS who really do go the extra mile for all our learners.

I would like to thank all the parents and carers who have completed the online questionnaire on ParentView and, if you haven’t had the chance to do this yet, please do click on the link below to enter your opinions of our school:




With many thanks in advance and d on’t forget to click on the usual link to read the latest BMS News……..

Jeremy Turner

Executive Principal