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Executive Principal’s Blog – 8th June 2018: The Powerful Language of Kindness

It was Mark Twain who stated that the ‘language of kindness’ is so powerful that even the deaf can hear it and the blind can see it; a sentiment reinforced by someone who perhaps epitomised everything about kindness itself when she reminded us that kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless.

Mother Theresa not only ‘talked the talk’ of the most powerful language in the world but also, more importantly, ‘walked it’. This is something that I have noticed over recent weeks that many people at Bushey Meads are also doing, which is so encouraging and is also helping to really strengthen further our ‘culture of kindness’.

In line with our new mantra of ‘Our School has a Mind to Be Kind’, just this week students and staff have paid another visit to a local care home to spend time with the elderly and sometimes lonely residents. One student without being prompted, or even knowingly noticed, stopped to help pick up something that had fallen off the trolley of one of our catering staff in the quadrangle at the end of break. A member of staff making cakes for the team to boost them during the busy week, another colleague making drinks for those around her.

Students comforting their friends who were upset and stressed with the pressure of the GCSE examinations, others picking up litter at the end of lunchtime to ensure the field is kept rubbish free, students holding doors open for others who are struggling to enter the restaurant, or the friendly ‘hello’ and smile to set the tone for the day in the morning. All powerful acts of kindness that are helping to shape our school.

As we all continue to cultivate these acts of kindness we will discover that kindness is actually a reflection of what is in our hearts and is a powerful gift that we can all give to those around us. More importantly however, the more we practise it, the more we will realise that kindness is the opportunity that we all have each and every day to change the world – one step at a time.

Let’s continue to use this powerful language as often as we can!

Do enjoy a good weekend and as always don’t forget to click on the link to read this week’s BMS News…….

Jeremy Turner

Executive Principal