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Executive Principal’s Blog – 8.5.20: ‘Inspiring others – a real honour’




Executive Principal’s Blog:

8th May 2020



Bushey Meads News

Executive Principal’s Blog – 8.5.20: ‘Inspiring others – a real honour’

This weekend starts with a special bank holiday, designated by the Government as a day to mark the VE Day 75th anniversary celebrations, paying tribute to those millions at home and abroad who gave so much to ensure we all enjoy the freedom we share today. Despite the unusual times we are in, I hope you are able to still enjoy the occasion.

Marking achievements and taking those ‘moments’ to celebrate others is a really important part of our culture here at Bushey Meads. I am sure that you will be used to reading so much about our students who on a daily basis achieve so much, both in and out of school in so many different areas of life. It is often inspiring to others and spurs us all on to greater achievements ourselves.

This week we can read in our weekly newsletter about the latest High Achievers across our school community – 70 outstanding students who have been nominated by staff for their superb efforts, contributions to the school and outstanding achievements.

My favourite nominations are:

Excellent attitude and determination to succeed.

Amazing work ethic, independent learning and ability displayed to
push her beyond her target grade.

Excellent work ethic in all aspects of the CTECH Sports course, outstanding
Basketball performance in the school team and help with officiating.

Showing determination, resilience and perseverance in
improving his understanding in Maths.

Always smiling and being such a lovely positive member of the school.

An excellent growth mindset shown in lessons.

To be inspired is great but to be an inspiration is an honour; congratulations to all our High Achievers for their work in the second half of the Spring Term 2020!

Once again I wish you all a very happy weekend; do click on the link to read our latest BMS News.

Jeremy Turner
Executive Principal