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Executive Principal’s Blog – 14.6.24: ‘An Ever-Improving Environment’

Executive Principal’s Blog:

14th June 2024

Bushey Meads News
Executive Principal’s Blog – 14.6.24: ‘An Ever-Improving Environment’

As a school we are always looking to improve the environment for learning for all our students and also always seeking to improve the resource areas for our staff. Research shows that the physical work environment is crucial for job satisfaction, motivation, physical and mental well-being, efficiency, workplace relationships and productivity. The quality of the physical school environment also correlates strongly with student outcomes, such as attendance, behaviour and achievement. (Durán-Narucki, 2008; Kumar et al., 2008; Woolner et al., 2007).

Just recently we have helped to realise the vision for our new Learning Resource Centre (LRC) put forward by our dedicated LRC Manager Ms Turton who manages the very important hub at the heart of our school. Ellen in 9 Ash, who is one of our early arrivals at school, is pictured in the photo above in her important Librarian role; she commented that she loves the brighter, colourful new feel and the increased shelf space to store even more engaging books for students to read. She agreed that the new look LRC seems bigger and much more inviting. 

I would like to thank all the staff involved in constantly improving the school, and in particular with this latest project, Ms Turton and BSJT Site Manager Mr Campion and his team for making it all a reality.
As parents and carers, we do appreciate your ongoing support and positive feedback for what we are doing as we continually provide the best environment for learning for your children as possible – even in these very challenging financial times.

So far nearly 140 parents and carers have completed the annual survey. If you haven’t yet done so yet, please do by clicking on this link to enter your views:   ParentView Questionnaire

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Jeremy Turner
Executive Principal