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Executive Principal’s Blog – 4.10.19: ‘The Power of Parental Involvement.’



Executive Principal’s Blog:

4th October 2019

Bushey Meads News

Executive Principal’s Blog – 4.10.19: ‘The Power of Parental Involvement.’

Earlier this week, as part of our ongoing exemplary Year 6 – 7 transition process, we welcomed no less than seventy Year 7 parents and carers to our wonderful school. After visiting Year 7 lessons where they saw their children in their usual learning environment, they enjoyed the Bushey Meads School ‘restaurant experience’ – sitting down with their children to enjoy a tasty BMS school dinner.

Many parents commented on how positive an experience it was and how much they enjoyed being around with their children on a typical school day – even wandering around the school site at lunchtime when all the other students were out and about. Not many schools would be confident enough to do this in such an open way and, once again, it is testimony to the lovely caring, inclusive, family atmosphere we have created at the school.

We firmly recognise the important research that
states that ‘family engagement in school, has a
bigger influence on a pupil’s achievement than socio economic background, parents’ education level, family structure and ethnicity.’
(Engaging with Families, review of research www.engagingwithfamilies.co.uk) and give great worth to the importance of parent power; we really do appreciate the role that parents play and
want to encourage their involvement as much as possible.
I would like to thank all the staff involved in making the event so successful especially Catering Manager Alex Barton and Assistant Pastoral Manager Mrs Smart.

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Jeremy Turner
Executive Principal