Executive Principal's Blog

Message from the Executive Principal – 24th November 2015

Our autumn term Bushey St James Trust newsletter reflects a number of really exciting new

initiatives and developments from across both schools in our vibrant Multi Academy Trust. It is

no surprise to see that the hard work of all the talented and dedicated staff and pupils is having

such a positive impact in both settings, recently recognised by many visitors, as well as Ofsted

and Hertfordshire County Council reviews.

I would like to thank all the pupils, staff, Governors and Trustees for their continued positive

contribution to our journey and congratulate you all for achieving so much in such a relatively

short length of time. Pupils within the Bushey St James Trust are certainly achieving better

results at all levels of school life and are demonstrating even more superb qualities which will

undoubtedly support them throughout their time within our learning community.

With best wishes for a successful end to the term and don’t forget to click on the link to read

our latest BSJT Newsletter…….


Jeremy Turner

Executive Principal