Kindness Matters

We think we do a lot for students in the Sixth Form and think you should, in return, give something back to the school community.

Therefore, we expect each member of the Sixth Form to become involved in the ‘Kindness Matters’ programme. All students in year 12 will be expected to support in a lower school lesson, once a week.

There is also the opportunity to become a ‘Study Buddy’. Mentoring and coaching are big business in the working world and at Bushey Meads we have a very successful ‘Study Buddy’ programme. This is where a sixth former buddy’s a lower school student, especially any who are having difficulty in a particular subject area or with their organisational skills. Through this scheme you can make a big impact on supporting and befriending another student, so this is one challenge you should be taking as part of your personal development in preparation for the next stage of transition.

Sixth Form students may also join the debating society.  This could involve taking part in various debates, reporting on the event and making promotional material to advertise it.

All students will attend tutorial sessions with a Character Development Coach. Within this time they will be expected to plan, produce and then participate in a charity event of their choice.  These events will be timetabled to take place throughout the year.  They have been very successful and have raised a lot of money for good causes.