First Lessons

Dear Students,

Welcome to the First Lessons webpage. It has become tradition at Bushey Meads that we ask all our students to make the important step of completing the first lesson of A level study in July of their Year 11. This gives myself as Head of Sixth Form a fantastic opportunity to welcome all the students back into school and mix with their peers and teachers all whilst benefiting from the outstanding provision provided by the teachers.

This year we have held an extended event called the ‘First Lessons Event’ where students have come into school over the course of a week and met with teachers and experienced their first lesson. It was lovely being able to walk around and see so many familiar students from the Bushey Meads Year 11’s. At the same time, welcoming those who have not studied here at Bushey Meads for Year 11 is particularly rewarding. Having experienced the success of the week long event, I am excited for this September and opening up the Sixth Form to so many new faces.

Mr M O’Kelly Associate Leader Head of Sixth Form

As part of our continued transition from Year 11 into Sixth Form, we do ask all of our students to complete a Bridging Task before the commencement of study in September. This is to allow students to hit the ground running and to allow the student to begin to develop those independent study skills that are so important in Sixth Form. The tasks are often a continuation of the first lessons work and can all be found in the folders below. I know our teachers look forward to collecting the tasks in during the first lesson in September and seeing the hard work that the new students have demonstrated in preparation for their A level subjects.

Please do take some time to look through the folders and access the Bridging Task for your chosen A level subjects.

I look forward to welcoming you all into our vibrant Sixth Form in September.

Kind regards,

Mr M O’Kelly
Associate Leader
Head of Sixth Form