If you are a former student of Bushey Meads School
we want to hear from you!

Bushey Meads School Ties has teamed up with the education charity Future First to help reconnect with our ex-students and staff, whose programme provides the infrastructure and expertise to establish a thriving, engaged alumni community.ff-logo-black



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We never lose interest in our former students and staff and would love to hear what you are doing now and invite you to join Bushey Meads online alumni network – ‘Bushey Meads School Ties’ (BMST).

Join Now »   Former students who have signed up to Future First across the country are inspiring the younger generation in many ways; as career and education role models, mentors or e-mentors, work experience providers, governors, donors or fundraisers and in-school volunteers.

Your invaluable help has the potential to equip young people with the support, aspiration and information they need to succeed.

Have you achieved or experienced something you could share and think would be of interest to current students at BMS? It would be a pleasure to hear from Alumni who would be interested in giving something back to the school community. In the past, we have had visits and offers of help ranging from an airline pilot to a deputy space director and from an artistic director of a theatre company to a chairman of a major charity committee – plus many others who have been successful in their lives after BMS.

Registered members will also benefit from being the first to find out about BMST news and events plus updates on current news and developments relating to the school.

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ff-currentWe welcome current students to sign up also!
Don’t wait to leave us before thinking of signing up,  Join Now »



Contact Us

Alumni Queries 

In the first instance, all queries and further information can be obtained by contacting our dedicated Alumni Team at Future First

Kat Leadbetter
Alumni Officer

or call one of the team on 0207 239 8933

For further information about Future First, please log on www.futurefirst.org.uk

In the meantime, we hope to hear from you soon.

School Related Queries

Should you wish to contact the school Alumni administrator for any reason, please follow the link below to make contact with the school directly.

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