High Achievers




Thalia Sampson 10O A consistently high attitude to learning leading to excellent effort in class
Molly Wray 11S Completing a wonderful evaluation for her controlled assessment first time around
Kristian Dimitrov 12M Always being focused and diligent attention to detail in taking notes in class
Joey Cox 13W Completing his IT BTEC qualification ahead of schedule

Design and Technology

Zelal Cokgezici 7E Impressive drawing and designing skills
Akshyat Dali 8A Excellent designing and making across a range of material projects
Gabriela Zhelyazkova 9A Great attitude to her development and to helping others with their learning
Laila Hines-Elishi 10E Enthusiasm and high level practical skills in food
Sophie Ashby 11E Impressive designing and making skills in textiles
Dena Nunes 12M Being enthusiastic and hardworking in lessons and helping in primary school food lessons
Natalie Ellison 13E Commitment to developing and improving classroom displays


Lleyton Fiordelisi 7A Demonstrating a hard-working and enthusiastic attitude for all class work and home learning tasks
Rhianna Jinks 8M Demonstrating determination and a positive attitude to development in English
Chandramouleeswaran 9A Consistent hard work and regularly producing work of high quality
Ellie Grayling 10A A consistently high AtL, excellent contributions in class and making good progress in her writing skills
Rebecca Ward 11S Always working to the very best of her ability, seeking and taking on advice and for being supportive of her fellow students; being an actual real life ‘reader’!
Daisy Olyett 12W Having such a positive response to guidance and for being a reflective learner
Kerrie Geelan 13B Working hard all year and sharing resources with her peers


Adam Bengherifa 7S Having a positive attitude in Geography at all times
Thushya Sritharan 8A Consistently working hard and going the extra mile in History to help others
Elizabeth Jackson 9M Her intuition in R.E. and her hard work and effort in responding to all tasks
Jessica Wood 10B Being focused and always hard working in Geography whilst being kind and helpful to others
Joel Feeley 11S His determination, desire to succeed and hard work in History
Isabel  Kassapian 12S Always being focused and keen to improve in R.S.
Somer Blakey 13W Working hard to make excellent progress in Geography since the November PPE different concepts in R.S.

Learning Support

Nieka Hamisi 7W Excellent efforts in P.E. this term
Fred Jackson 8M Being a conscientious learner and always willing to help his peers
Alfie Kearns 9W Excellent effort and work in Maths revision lessons
Parag Sangani 10B Excellent efforts in Princes’ Trust lessons and for always meeting deadlines for course work
Rahim Allan 11W His determination and effort in ICT and food preparation and nutrition lessons
Megan Hughes 12S Using her study sessions to complete her work independently
Meesha Kanani 13M Her positive and enthusiastic attitude in school


Anton Brown 7O Being a model student who leads by example and achieved 100% in his test
Tyler Pearce 8W Setting an excellent example and making fantastic contributions in lessons
Nicala Douglas 9S Excellent contributions and demonstrating answers in front of the class
Lewis Reid 10W Showing leadership skills in presenting ideas and solutions to the class
Ben Garrett 11B Active participation in class, selecting ‘mastery’ questions for the teacher, and mentoring Year 10 students
Riya Patel 12W Leading the way in terms of home learning, consistency and organisation – a true role model for all
Myah Sharif 13M Her leadership qualities when helping other with past papers

Modern Foreign Languages

Rebecca Palmer 7B Being consistently enthusiastic in Spanish
Vritika Bagariya 8E Enthusiasm that shines out in class
Hannah Barry 9E Conscientious attitude to learning and high quality of work in French
Jessica Storey 11E Commitment to Spanish speaking

PE and Health

Apilan Chandramouleeswaran 7A Outstanding enthusiasm and effort in PE
Melisa Lowenberg 8W A fantastic level of determination and effort in all aspects of PE
Ellie Rowe 9S Great effort and enthusiasm in all areas of the curriculum
Jack James 10O Excellent attitude and level of effort on Sports Studies course
Charlie Lyall 11E Continued excellent attitude and performance. Fantastic level of fitness demonstrated in recent bleep test (12.10)
Chris King 12W An excellent level of work and outstanding PPE in A level PE
Tayla-Eve Barnard-White 13S Excellent courage and determination with the EAPI task

Performing and Visual Arts

Marysa Sanchez 7B Excellent work on her composition in music
Andrea Tamang 8M Her amazing Shakespeare monologue
Elizabeth Jackson 9M Setting up her game, improving her behaviour and AtL in drama and for showing great potential
Tom Clarke 10O His strong progress in GCSE drama
Holly White 11M Helping other students with their drama coursework
Rima Langhi 12O Helping the year 13 drama students achieve so highly
Daisy Wardell 13B Working exceptionally hard on her media studies coursework


Henna Nabi 7A Consistently high effort and achievement
Molly Tate 😯 Excellent improvement in tests results over the past two months, completing homework to an excellent standard and doing her best in lessons
Dhruvit Modi 9M Great attitude to learning and excellent progress this year to date
Arunesh Uthayakumar 10A Amazing consistency of performance in science this year
Maja Adamowicz 11E Consistent work ethic and high discipline all year and for fantastic progress across her GCSE Sciences
Riya Patel 12W Exceptional focus and independent effort in science
Eliana Hanton 13M Constant discipline, hard work and conscientiousness; currently top of the class in chemistry and biology

Social Sciences

Kara McMahon 10M Consistent high level of work throughout the year in psychology
Maja Adamowicz 11E Consistent high level of work throughout the year and always producing high quality
work in psychology
Leon Hirsh 12B Consistently producing high quality work and making excellent contributions to the Politics lessons
Elin Bonyadi 13S Outstanding work and progress in Psychology


Noah Haines 7M Displaying resilience, teamwork and leadership in the problem solving competition
Bhuvan Bhanderi 9M Displaying resilience, teamwork and leadership in the problem solving competition
Pallav Hingu 10M Displaying resilience, teamwork and leadership in the problem solving competition
Tyler Cromwell 12S Displaying resilience, teamwork and leadership in the problem solving competition