At KS3, students follow a condensed 2 year programme (Years 7 and 8) which covers the National Curriculum. This sets the students up for tackling the KS4 programme at the start of Year 9. Students will have 3 teaching hours per week which covers a rotation of topics in Biology, Chemistry and Physics. They will also be proficient in lab skills, scientific enquiry, literacy and numeracy skills. Students will also have access to an online textbook and home learning will be set each week to support and reinforce their understanding in class. They may also be set project based learning which may cover several weeks. All students are encouraged to be independent learners.

From the start of Year 9, students follow the AQA curriculum for all of our science options at GCSE.
Triple Science allows students to gain 3 GCSEs, one in each of Biology, Chemistry and Physics.
Trilogy: Combined Science allows student to gain 2 GCSEs, an average being taken from all of the exams taken in each of the three sciences.
Students are encouraged to use Kerboodle and SAM Learning for around 30 minutes every week, in order to reinforce all the facts and understanding required to hit the higher grades.

Students follow the AQA curriculum for all science options at KS5, including A-Levels in Biology, Chemistry and Physics, as well as BTEC Applied Science for those with a more practical love of science.
Students are encouraged to attend the various trips offered throughout the course to reinforce and extend their understanding and passion. Biology students are expected to attend the Biology Field Trip at the end of June in Year 12, gaining much hands-on experience of the applications of biology in the environment.
All Year 12 students studying the sciences are expected to organise the school’s events for British Science Week, providing the whole school with a greater view of what science can do.