We aim to ensure progress at the right pace with appropriately levelled Schemes of Learning for teaching to Years 7 and 8. With fluency, mathematical reasoning and problem solving integrated throughout, we can be confident we’re covering the main aims of the new curriculum and preparing students for the revised GCSEs.
Our chosen resources bring awe and wonder with a chapter opener that puts the maths in context. We provide rigorous maths practice with hundreds of high quality questions. We make connections across different areas of mathematics with synoptic extended questions at the end of each chapter that use maths from previous chapters. Half termly tests are used to aid the monitoring and tracking of progress throughout the key stage.

GCSE Maths starts in Year 9, with the majority of our classes studying towards the Higher Tier Edexcel exam.  Students aim to complete the course within Years 9 and 10, leaving Year 11 to forensically diagnose and resolve areas for improvement.  Our top sets are stretched and challenged with additional level 3 courses to not only better prepare them for the new and more rigorous GCSE, but also as a solid bridging for A Level Maths.  Our ‘Late Bloomer’ sets develop confidence towards the GCSE Maths by studying towards functional and entry level certificates.  A real culture of identifying and resolving ‘problem questions’ helps students to really deepen their understanding in preparation for the final exams.

A-Level Maths is a hugely popular course and embedded systems and strategies ensure students are consistently achieving fantastic outcomes. Before beginning the course, bridging material is provided to ensure students can really hit the ground running when they start in Year 12. Rigorous monitoring, tracking and intervention ensure students are fully supported in their journey to success.  A-Level Further Maths is taken up by our strongest students and opportunities to prepare for STEP and MAT examinations are scheduled.  

For students who have really enjoyed GCSE Maths, but are not quite ready for the demands of A-Level Maths, a Level 3 Core Maths qualification is offered in Year 12 and if successful, AS Maths can be followed in Year 13.