CurriculumĀ : Students will learn a range of drama skills from a variety of different styles, genres and cultures. Topics covered will include commedia dellā€™arte, physical theatre, and characterisation. Students will cover a wide range of performance texts including Our Day Out, West Side Story, Metamorphosis and a choice of Shakespeareā€™s plays.
For students wishing to extend themselves further we offer several extra curricular opportunities: drama club, theatre design club and physical theatre club as well as the main school production.

CurriculumĀ : Our GCSE drama course has a history of great results. Students will cover devising, performing plays and drama theory. Practitioners looked at include Willy Russell, Jim Cartwright, Stanislavski, Bertolt Brecht, Steven Berkoff. We offer a range of extra curricular rehearsal opportunities and revision sessions for students to further their understanding. There is the option for students to take part in the physical theatre and theatre design clubs as well as auditioning for the main school production and the more able summer production.

At KS5 we offer A-level drama and theatre studies and BTEC performing arts. Students will cover a range of practitioners and performance texts and further develop their performance and/or stagecraft and design skills.

There is the option for students to take on leadership roles within the department by assisting to run one of our clubs or to help direct or stage manage our productions. Students will be encouraged to visit the theatre as many time as possible.