In music, students gain the fundamental skills of performance and composing through listening, discussing and actively exploring a range of musical styles and inclusive topics. Self-reflection, interpersonal skills and teamwork enable the students to develop their creative, artistic, social and physical skills within the music curriculum.

GCSE music aims to develop your interest and enjoyment of music that will be sustained into later life. You will be able to develop your own musical interests and skills, both as an individual and a member of a group. You will develop your understanding and appreciation of a range of different types of music as well as broader life skills such as creative thinking and cultural understanding.

The course is 60% coursework which includes two compositions, one solo performance and one ensemble performance. The listening examination is worth the final 40%.  

A-Level Music comprises of Performing (25%), Composing (35%) and Listening (40%).

This course aims to help develop composing skills through exploring the manipulation of musical ideas and the use of musical devices and conventions. It will broaden student’s musical experience and interests by way of listening to a variety of styles and investigating the diverse heritage of music. Students then have the opportunity to showcase their deep understanding through performance and composition.