Year 7: My Geography, Map skills, Passport to our world, Biomes, Cold environments and China.

Year 8: Kenya, Microclimates, Global Issues, Rivers, Brazil.

Year 9: Tourism, Our Explosive Earth, Population and Migration, Impossible Places, Conflict.

Paper 1:
The challenge of natural hazards
The living world
Physical landscapes in the UK
Paper 2:
Urban issues and challenges
The changing economic world
The challenge of resource management
Paper 3:
Issue evaluation
Geographical skills

Eduqas A Level

Component 1: Written examination on Glaciated Landscapes and Changing Places

Component 2: Written examination on Global Systems Water and Carbon Cycles and Global Governance of people and oceans

Component 3: Written examination on Tectonic Hazards, Development in Africa and Energy challenges and dilemmas

Component 4: Independent Investigation Non-exam assessment: 3000 to 4000 on the collection of both field data and secondary information.