Religious Education

KS3 has been going through a great change. All Year 7 RE students have been tackling a Philosophy & Ethics course. This enables them to articulate, analyse and evaluate the different arguments presented about God’s existence. Then they will continue to look at all the different monotheistic religions in the UK but looking at different themes. Year 8s are looking at Religion and Authority this enables all students to reflect at how the world views and religious views have similarities. Year 8s also have focussed learning on Hinduism and Islam but looking at why they believe and practice in different ways. Year 9s have a focussed learning on Christianity looking at the start to the current day.

KS4 is more focused. It concentrates on two major religions of Christianity and Islam and then thematic studies looking at the philosophical and ethics side of the different religious, non religious and humanistic concepts. KS4 students also visit religious places of worship for example the Shi’a Mosque in Central London. This reinforces there learning as the students have to know the different traditions of Sunni and Shi’a Islam as well as the different Christian traditions of Great Britain. Students will then visit a Church to reinforce the learning within the classroom.

KS5 students focus only on Christianity and the philosophical and ethical concepts within those ideas. Students are able to go on visits to philosophical and ethical debates in Central London to help with and reinforce any learning which has taken place. They learn about all the arguments for God’s existence, miracles, life, death and the afterlife, religious experiences, situation ethics, conscience and comparing Bentham and Kant. This gives the students a very well balanced and rounded learning on all the religious, philosophical and ethical debates that have happened and will continue to happen.

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